The Agrochemical division, started in 1982, has made rapid strides and has catapulted Sudarshan into one of the leading agrochemical companies in India through its innovative and quality products.

It ranks among the major technical grade manufacturers in India. Our Research & Development team has kept pace with the latest technology and has consistently introduced newer molecules with a more favourable environmental profile.

At Sudarshan we focus on quality, customer satisfaction and are responsive to change. Presently we offer a range of agrochemical a.i’s and formulations which are manufactured at our plant in Roha, located near Mumbai.

Beside the given range of agrochemicals which are manufactured at our plant in Roha, we also offer customized service related to research, development and manufacturing of agrochemicals, intermediates and specialty chemicals from pilot plant to commercial quantities. Sudarshan is focused on establishing itself as a leading custom manufacturing company with a broad tool box of capabilities and technologies. Our years of experience and satisfactory track record in the field of custom manufacturing, is helping us to move towards our goal.

Our Expertise

  • Multi-step chemical process development capability
  • Pilot Plant facility
  • Dedicated Kilo Lab Team
  • Gram/ kilogram syntheses and
  • Multi-Ton manufacturing
  • Experienced & Competent Regulatory team
  • Lead Management Team for customer interface

We offer following services under confidentiality agreement:

  • Cost Competitive Contract manufacturing in adherence to operational safety
  • Cost Competitive Process Development
  • Strategic Partner for Research and Development

Our products

We manufacture insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and plant growth regulators; we can also provide various formulations based on these A.I’s.


  • Triazophos technical and formulations
  • Chlorpyrifos technical and formulations
  • Phosphamidon technical and formulations
  • Imidacloprid technical and formulations
  • Acetamiprid technical and formulations


  • Hexaconazole technical
  • Tricyclazole technical


  • Pretilachlor technical and formulations

Plant Growth Regulator

  • N-acetyl Thiazolidine-4-Carboxylic Acid – For Export Only